Our service has been available to the public starting back in year 2001. Over the years we have received a few comments and accolades from our members which we would like to share with you.

“Great call, Bob! Only a few saw this impressive rally coming. Congrats! ~Mario”

“ As a recent member of Stock Market Timing, I just wanted to take a moment to congratulate you on your terrific record ... I look forward to a long and prosperous relationship. ~Glenn”

“Just want to say thanks for creating an honest system. God Bless, ~Hedi”

“Thanks Bob for your market timing insights ... Congratulations on your results for 2013 – matching the index in any up year which exhibits whipsaws is a good result. ~Percy”

  1. Dear Bob,

    Just wanted to give you a big, broad “thank you” for all you do for your subscribers and their money! For the past 20 years and particularly the last 2, SMT has been amazing.

    What keeps me up at night are worries about the progress of the markets going forward over the next few years. I’ve heard everything from “modest gains” to “the mother of crashes.” It would seem that, with the interest rate vs. inflation box the Fed has put itself into that, we can expect an up and down roller coaster ride regardless of the overall progress of the market. This is the stuff of sleepless nights and ulcers!

    With a little analysis, I was delighted to find that SMT actually does much better on that roller coaster than it does on relatively straight up markets. That makes logical sense, since SMT can catch the meat of the up and down trends. 2000-2009 was such a period and the returns were spectacular. 2010-2019 was relatively straight-up, with some “fake outs” that generated some whipsaws. But I truly think 2022-2031 will be more like the former than the later decade. And that would be good for SMTer’s!

    Hopefully, I correctly calculated returns for the past two decades, as shown below, as well as the return during the Covid “V” — which is the time it took each index to return to it’s pre-Covid level on 2/21/20. I’m just astounded at these returns.

    So, I plan on sleeping better, despite the impending chaos, thanks to SMT. You…stay away from the bad food! I’m a Lifetime Member and all of us similar members want at least another 20 good years of your fabulous returns!!

    So, to a Happy, Healthy and Wealthy 2022!! Thanks again!

  2. So glad you now have contracts with financial advisors. Your service has performed better than all other that I know about. You're definitely in the top 1% of market timers in my book.

  3. Wow, over 40% this year (2020) - and verifiable results! I'm super impressed. Keep up the great work!

  4. It's really outstanding Bob! Live from 2001 with such an impressive track record. I will sign up today or later tomorrow, thanks.

  5. Hi Robert, Wishing you and your family very best of this Holiday Season with more joy, prosperity and peace! Thanks again for your outstanding support and help.You truly keep our investments grow in this volatile crazy market (financial meltdown, flush crash, middle east issues, Russian issues, Tsunami issues, ebola virus, August melt down and so on). We truly appreciate your hard and smart work. Best Regards,

  6. Hi Robert, Thanks again for your kind help and support. We love and admire your outstanding SMT newsletter and keeping our hard earned savings grow way better than this roughly volatile market (only a few mutual fund money managers may claim the same). Wishing you and your family a very Happy Thanksgiving! Warm regards,

  7. Bravo on the call for a market downturn. I'm glad I found you sir. I love following a market-wise captain with his handle firmly on the ship's wheel.

  8. I really appreciate the prompt replies that I always receive regarding my questions that I send to you. I don't even get the courtesy of a response from most other services when I have a question or some technical problem.

  9. Hey, Dr. Bob, Thank you for such a rapid response to my questions. "just too crazy" is a really mild assessment of this "Nutso- Market"!!! I am sticking with you every inch along the way to make up for the "drawdown" that I and your other Clients have gone through since the start of 2016! We trust your Technical Techniques and Trend Judgements going forward into 2017. Let's hope the Market hits a Investable Path that you discern, and that Your Guidance/Signals take us out of this "funk" into a winning streak, Long or Short, to a much better place. Thanks, Dr. Bob

  10. Bob, It's an art and you do it well. Your record proves it. Some calls could be bad, so what! Mostly good. Some fantastic.

  11. Dear Dr. Dillon, I really, really enjoy your service and I have found several ways to benefit from your signals. Regards,

  12. Bob, I wanted to let you know that I've subscribed to many services over the last 15 years. Your service is by far the most consistent in providing alerts that can be very profitable. Thank you,

  13. Hey, Dr. Bob, The "CUBE" (timingcube.com) has his Clients LONG yesterday and today. He was terrific in 2013 and half way through 2014. Then, his Turbo Model COLLAPSED. I feel very sorry for those that have stayed with him. I cannot begin to tell you how happy I am that I signed up with You and your Technical Expertise! Thank you for this recent Phenomenal Call, and New EOD Model Signals, Dr. Bob! Gratefully!

  14. Bob, Thanks for the explanation. Yes very tricky market. Glad you are there to guide us. It is truly amazing. You are the best money manager on Wall Street and doing it quietly!

  15. Dr. Dillon, Thank you very much for a thorough and informative synopsis. I really like your services and trade approach. I have this deep feeling that we are going to have a major pullback sometime in 2015 and I want to be ready for whatever happens. It hasn't happened yet, but we are ready as ever for your signal changes!

  16. Your last two calls were magnificent!

  17. Great call Bob! You're the best market timer on planet Earth!

  18. Hi Robert, We thank you again for your excellent guidance through this rough terrain of this stock market (e.g., Financial meltdown, all European crisis including Russia, middle east crisis, African crisis, Elections, Asian Flu crisis, Ebola and so on... just to name a few). My sincere gratitude to you for your kind help and support. Wishing you and your family a very Happy Thanksgiving with more prosperity and inner peace! Warmest regards,

  19. Dr. Dillon, The returns you are having in 2014 are quite good, and you are outperforming the market! I am crossing my fingers that you will open your own AUM (assets under management) service, because I need a trustworthy advisor to trade my account. You mentioned in a previous letter you are in the process of opening an account with Interactive Brokers to manage client funds and using your trading signals. This is wonderful news! If so, I would like to start with $750K. Please keep me informed on the likelihood of this coming to fruition. Thank you!

  20. Bob, I am very fortunate to have found you. The information you provide has a lot of value and it has definitely increased my net worth this year (2014). All the best,

  21. Dear Robert, just wanted to simply thank you for your services. We are having a wonderful year 2014! I am nearing retirement and want to be a member even after I retire. I am hoping you open your new business that involves assets under management, since I would like you to manage my account. Your work is honest and straightforward. best regards,

  22. Bob, After reading your newsletter and reviewing your track record, I have gained a lot of confidence in your ability to interpret charts. We are having a wonderful year trading your signals in 2014.

  23. Hi Dr. Dillon, I like how your returns are steady and continue to gradually increase my savings account. Thats all I could ever ask for. I was wondering if you manage client accounts, meaning autotrade our capital using your trading signals. Also, I know a few other 'wealthy' people who are interested as well. Please get back with me. regards,

  24. Hi Bob, love your analysis in your newsletters - to the point and on the money! You make TA (technical analysis) look easy to understand. Its obvious you are a pro in your field! Cheers,

  25. Dr Dillon, I am so glad to have found your web site in March 2013 - your returns this year were exceptional! Wishing you and your family a Happy New Year! Cheers,

  26. Thanks Bob for your market timing insights since you are a veteran, having been at it for 14 years. Congratulations on your results for 2013 – matching the index in any up year which exhibits whipsaws is a good result. Regards

  27. Thanks Robert. You know... for the 12 years of your record, even if you only trade the long signals, you average over roughly +9% annually with of course a considerably lowered standard deviation due to being out of stocks for major percentages of the time (notably including side-stepping most huge declines).

  28. Great call, Bob !!! Only a few saw this impressive rally coming. Congrats !!!
    I am not so sure when this market will reverse. We may see new all time highs before any important selloff... $85B are pumping into the markets every month after all and that is very bullish... so the Bears may need a help from the Fed for their long expected correction =) Have a great day.

  29. Hi, You must realize that your last two market calls were fantastic. Kudos!!!! They helped me a lot!

  30. Dear Dr Dillon, just want to send you a thank you for all the work you do at interpreting this dynamic market. I have been with you now for 6 years, and so lucky I found your service years ago. Your returns this year are great! :)

  31. Dear Bob, you know some people think trading the stock market is like gambling, but the way you interpret the market based on your TA (technical analysis) work really helps me understand if the market is undervalued or overvalued, if that is the correct way of putting it. Your hypothesis of market direction is mostly right on. I hope to continue making my funds grow in future years using your system.

  32. Dear Analyst, your prediction of future market price movements are uncanny! I like the work you do with your technical analysis strategy to decide when to go long or short. I hope to be with you for many years to come. regards,

  33. Thanks for all the work you are doing trying to figure out this market. Love the weekly newsletter and your short-, intermediate- and long-term analysis. I am a subscriber to a few market timing services, and everyone else is a distant second! Keep up the good work my friend.

  34. I am pleased of the performance using the combination of SMT's interpretive methods and mechanical system. The trading signals are more profitable and I understand there will never be large drawdowns. This is wonderful news!! Cheers

  35. Bob, I love your new system. I've been with your service for 8 years and you are becoming one of America's best market timers, if not already the best! Here's to profitability in 2013!!

  36. Dr. Dillon, It is great that you fired the two financial advisors (Ryan M and Allen T) who were trying to do assets under management with you and using your signals. They seemed liked dishonest people, who definitely had a negative impact to your performance for about six months of 2012. You did what was right for your members and we are happy you are 100% back in control. Sincerely,

  37. I've listened to a 100's of people in this game for 15 years and really I've never met anyone like you. It's amazing you have this golden strategy, and no one knows you, and you're not super rich??? Actually it makes perfect sense, you listen to no BS, you just follow charts and do your hobbies, w/o much of a care, While you beat every person out there that eats, sleeps, and breathes the stock market!

  38. Thanks for your excellent analysis and commentary in 2010. I receive eight market timing services and you regularly provide the best rundown on the US market. The closest to your standard of analysis is FibTimer. The others (Investment_Models, Timing Equity, Strategic Trend Timing, Signal Trend) simply give their signals and some general commentary. I also agree that in general, fundamentals are lousy for timing, but they can point to over-valued and under-valued markets. In that sense Benjamin Graham was right when he said the market is a voting machine in the short term (i.e. sentiment based), but a weighing machine in the long term (i.e. nothing defies gravity indefinitely). Regards,

  39. So far...so good..Great call!

  40. Amazing !!! You have been so right that I have no words for that. I missed this rally being afraid for some bearish tecnical indicators. No matter how overbought the market can be, it always can go higher. So for now, I will wait for you next signal. Thanks again and congratulations.

  41. You guys are awesome!! ... great analysis, and there is no way I could have made money this year without you guys! Many thanks & keep up the great work!

  42. Hi, I am extremely pleased to have become a member of your service earlier this year (2009)! We are up over 30%, and my retirement savings have never looked better. Thank you so much!

  43. Dear Bob, The comments from Tom Fortier were very complimentary. I wanted to tell you that I am really thrilled with the great job you are doing with the stockmarkettiming service. I have tried in vain for years to find an advisor that was more right than wrong and my latest and greatest disappointment last year was venerable Value Line when I was a traditional buy and hold investor. They had boasted that their top 100 stocks had outperformed the broad market indexes in good times and in bad times (when they lost less money) for over 40 years, so I invested in these types of stocks, but for the first time in history their top 100 stocks seriously underperformed the market in 2008 and lost much more than the averages did. I've given up Value Line and on buy and hold forever!

    I was thrilled with the nimble movement you made March 20 when you had us go to cash in the morning and then back to long in the afternoon just ahead of the big market move on the following Monday. That was brilliant! I also appreciate the comments you make about pullbacks which helps me to not panic and to be patient when my position in these stocks temporarily loses money. I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks for doing a great job!

  44. Hello, I have been a member for a couple of months and everything is as promised!

  45. Keep it up! I can't believe how in-tune your system is.

  46. You guys only missed the actual bottom by just a few days -- unbelievable! I'm having a spectacular year using your service. Thanks!

  47. What an outstanding year we are having even when the market is crashing!! What do you foresee for next year? You described in your newsletter that we will be in a trading zone for a few years based on your long-term analysis, and I would just like to hear your thoughts about this.

  48. Can't believe we are having a positive year in one of the most bearish years I have ever been in outside of the 2000-02 crash! I am so fortunate to have signed up to your service.

  49. Dear StockMarketTiming.com, you got us out of the market prior to the crash! All hats off to you!

  50. Great analysis and a lot of thought goes into your newsletters. Can you explain to me not why, but how will your service outperform the market indexes? I was in some good performing mutual funds and boy did they take a hit this year. I need to start trading my account and your service looks like what I need.

  51. Excellent analysis for why we should be bearish at this time. So glad to have followed your advice! Many of my co-workers who are not part of your service, are taking a tremendous hit in the market.

  52. Good Call! You were right on.

  53. Thanks for the Monday stock pick... Nice call!!

  54. You Guys are great. Thanks for the quick response...
    David C

  55. Love y'alls stock picking service. I've made so much money with your superb picks. I'm definitely renewing as soon as my term expires! All the best,

  56. I just want to say you are doing a great job! Thanks

  57. Great recommendation on the stock pick you guys made in early May. I've made +120% on that one! Keep up the great work! Cheers,

  58. Jim

  59. Thanks for the stock pick. You guys nailed the bottom and made 160% on it. Doesn't get any sweeter than that!

  60. I'm new to SMT. I really appreciate the quality of thought that goes into your analysis and the results you are getting for us! I've been watching the market closely now that I'm retired and I now understand how difficult it is to predict, even at the broad ETF level, especially at this particular point in time. Thanks so much for your great service!

  61. I visited your web site www.stockmarkettiming.com. The trading business is no more left to chance speculations, rather formal methods and mathematical models have been developed to predict the trend of the emerging market. The profile that you have presented speaks volume about your expertise in Stock Market Timing. The kind of number crunching that one has to do is quite difficult to comprehend and I applaud your intention to enhance the way trading community works. The details about your investment model that combines the effectiveness of mathematical models of technical analysis and your proprietary methodology which assists in predicting the market for 12 months sounds interesting and displayed in a professional manner. This site will definitely open some new doors for lot of people and will help them in expanding their realms. Keep up the good work. Thanks.

  62. Amazing! And, once again ... Nice work!!!

  63. Dear SMT, Your last call was very good and I have recommended your newsletter to friends. The analysis you provide has been extremely helpful. Thank you,

  64. I have been following your recommendations on DIA, SPY and QQQ and find them accurate and timely. Well done for a solid service.

  65. I appreciate your reply. In fact, I want to tell you that I can't compare anyone to you in terms of the weekly analysis. For someone like me, who is familiar with technical analysis and has used it for two decades, it is very rare to hear from anyone who will share their analysis like you do. I am starting to analyze past periods by your combination of tools to see what I've learned.

    It would be helpful to see your point and figure work and Elliott wave as well if it isn't too much work for you and you don't think it will overwhelm your readers. Keep up the good work!

  66. I totally agree with your assessment that it could be many years before the market finally bottoms. Not surprising ... human psychology never changes. We are following the same path that all bubbles eventually follow. My investment firm appreciates your award-winning SMT Weekly Newsletter. Before using your system, we only made 3% last year. We beat the index stocks, but we did come close to the results that your system did!! Since I became a member, your knowledge of the market and good calls have strengthened my business. Keep up the excellent work.

  67. I appreciate your candor! I do know what a tough job it is to time the market turns! Keep up the good work.

  68. I congratulate you on doing as well as you have over the last several tough months. I have stayed mostly in cash since I discovered your system because, with Iraq, daily headlines were whipsawing markets, and I couldn't keep up. The result is that I'm even for the last few months, give or take half a percent. Thanks for any answers on the above questions that you provided. My best,

  69. I am very happy to be a new member. I have tried to time the market myself without much success. Mostly on emotion. Now that I am using your mechanical approach I feel relieved. Thank you,

  70. Thank you for the information. This is definitely the best information I have received from any service I have subscribe to in the past. Other services, for the most part, only send a word reply, literally. Your information really helps and is educational. I find your website and your response to my questions to be very educational and comprehensive. I also wanted to let you know that your chart analyses are very eye opening, and I am amazed at how well your system works. Thanks and keep up the good work,

  71. As mentioned with your last signals for the ETF market timing service, I'm short on DIA and QQQ, and I am profiting again as the market plummets! Also loved your new report and chart of the Nikkei - S&P 500. Thanks for making the charts larger in size... Love your work. Regards,

  72. Many thanks, I appreciate the reply but please don't feel compelled to do so. Your integrity and honesty seem to come out in the testimonials and I can well understand why. Many thanks for the sample, I'm impressed by the number of indicators you cross-reference, especially your use of the VIX and VXN - I quite like using the the Connors VIX Reversal signals to give me a bias for the day (or next few days). Cheers again,

  73. Thank you for the information. Your service certainly has a very impressive track record!

  74. I am quite happy with your overall service and the quality of your analysis. Warmest regards,

  75. Just a note to tell you nice job on the picks this week. I really appreciate your humble attitude in your newsletters and in your chart dialogue. You obviously have a lot of experience, and I am looking forward to learning much from you this year. (And maybe ring the cash register a few times along the way). Best Regards.

  76. Thank you for the recent market update. I always find the information to be beneficial.

  77. As always ... some more good output ... you are really doing a good job!

  78. Beautiful work! Your timing system is simply the best! I joined in August 2002 and started using your system - I shorted the market prior to it plummeting and made money, and went long when I received your e-mail alert saying to buy at the bottom and again bigtime in the money on both calls! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Warmest regards,

  79. Thanks. Congrats on a nice call!

  80. Thank you for your SMT - ETF service. I became a member last year and have been following your signals. If I would have kept my money in the mutual funds I had in the past, I would have been DOWN around 35%, maybe more. But with using your system, I am UP about 27% this year. Please keep this system going. Your yearly membership fee is well worth the amount you offer it for hand-over-fist! Sincerely,

  81. Hi, I just wanted to thank you for your ETF market timing service. I've been trading using your system for the past three months and have been doing quite well, even though the market was tanking during this time. In fact I have made $2,375 profit with my trades using your system. You also nailed the latest move in the index stocks prior to the surge and I am up in percent again. Wow!! I'm impressed! I can not find any better service than this on the Internet. I also enjoy and want to thank you for the SMT Weekly Newsletter. They are very well written, easy to understand charts, and your insights to the market are unmatched by any other market professional. I wish you continued success!

  82. Thank you for your service. I shorted two of your picks and went long on another, and all three are in the money for me! This is great! Keep up the excellent work. I'm probably a member for life, because I do not see anything else out there that I trust. best regards,

  83. Your concept with SMT is great. That's what first attracted me to the site... it's just what I was looking for. Besides a very good track record, the system is simple and straightforward. IMO... it's what most investors are looking for from an advisory service. Most other sites follow the old sales adage, "If you can't dazzle 'em with brilliance... baffle 'em with bull...". I'm always reading commentaries that equivocate, don't take a position, or "hedge" their bets. They frequently don't even track their recommendations. Sincerely,

  84. As a recent member of Stock Market Timing, I just wanted to take a moment to congratulate you on your terrific record so far in '02. The July 3rd call was the first timing signal I've received since becoming a member, and it was quite timely. Unfortunately, I did not take advantage of the signal since I've chosen to "kick the tires" before actually investing (I'm from Missouri... "The Show-me State"). I'm very impressed with the simplicity straight-forward approach of your system, as well as the insight contained in your Friday newsletter. The web-site is also very easy to navigate. This first experience has gone a long way to making me a believer. I understand that the timing is critical for bear-market rallies, since they tend to be very sharp and quick followed by gradual price deterioration. The opposite of bull-market price action. Again... congratulations! I look forward to a long and prosperous relationship. Best regards,

  85. Congratulations on your latest buy signal! Fabulous call. I don't know how you do it, but please keep on doing it. Thank you!

  86. Just wanted to let you know that I made $555.00 [11%] on my first trade. Keep up the good work.

  87. Dear Stockmarkettiming.com, I want to compliment you on your knowledge and interpretation of the stock market. It clearly shows in your award-winning newsletters that you understand the technical aspects of the stock market and are accurate in predicting its future direction. This is uncanny! I receive many "very" expensive newsletters from other financial services, and they are not worth the paper they are printed on. Your newsletter is clear, to the point, straight forward, and NO hype. I look forward to reading future issues, and I am really happy with my membership! Sincerely,

  88. Hi, I've only been using your system since the beginning of Year 2002, mostly trading SPY and QQQ. I just want to tell you that I am up 12% in only three months, even though the markets have been plummetting. It's just amazing how I can make money even in a bear market. I owe this success all to your service! Thank you very much,

  89. I have lost a lot of money listening to and following the advice of the Guru's of Wall Street throughout years 2000 and 2001. Then late in year 2001, I came upon your site and decided to give it a try. After using your timing signals and other valuable information in your weekly newsletter, I want to sincerely thank you for your efforts! The $95 for membership fee is worth every penny. There is no doubt in my mind that you know what you are doing. Without using your service, I would be lost in the financial markets. Your service is first-class! No to mention, I am sleeping MUCH better! Best regards,

  90. Dear StockMarketTiming, I just wanted to tell you that you have a terrific service. Being able to make money again is certainly a great credit to your organization. I can't say enough good things about your company. Wonderful system,

  91. A friend told me that he was impressed with your timing system. After checking it out, I must say, this is definitely what I have been looking for "direction and professional service". I now feel a little more comfortable with investing again! sincerely,

  92. Hey, You guys nailed the latest plummet in the markets with your timing signals, as you gave short sell signals for all the indexes back in mid to late August, 2001. I can't believe all the negativity out there in the financial world during September with everyone losing money, but us members profitted like bandits during these awful times for others. And the terrorist attacks didn't effect the outcome of your system not one bit! More investors need to know about your web site. I will be spreading the word!! Regards,

  93. You guys are incredible! I have been trading stocks for years, and it is just like you say on your home page – the buy and hold strategy just doesn't work and day trading is frustrating with lots of money and time wasted! Very disappointing with those methods! However, I am sticking with your method, since it relieves stress and my portfolio is now finally starting to grow. Beautiful work!

  94. I notice that there are times when your method doesn't work and I don't always agree with your timing, but it seems to pay off if you just stay with it. I also notice that it works better with broad moves (ups and downs) as opposed to smaller up and down moves, just an observation. For example, during the time of July thru October of 2000 the DOW Jones basically went nowhere percentage-wise, but had some broad up and down moves. You capitalized on these broad up and down moves and racked up around 20% during that time! Not bad! Ok, I'm convinced. I'll keep in touch,

  95. I have been trading stocks for years and all these press releases and news alerts I receive sound great, but damn I have lost so much money in the market believing the promises from these companies. Even the "so-called" established companies keep putting out "great sounding" press releases with cutting-edge technology, merger acquisitions, etc.. but their stock holders are very unhappy. All of these press releases now carry the forward-looking statement at the bottom of their news, so now, I don't know what to believe anymore. I am now finally figuring out what these companies were doing all along and that was just pushing stock. What a joke and it's awful for us small investors trying to make our little money grow! People have told me to maybe look into investing in the indexes, since they are somewhat safer and don't depend on any one company. Your service is something to seriously consider. Best regards,

  96. People are looking for an effective way to trade with less stress ... the market is no longer "fun" as it once was. Most people don't want to or have the time to become technical analyst experts ... they would rather delegate this to someone else. Best of luck,

  97. I have a few mutual funds and all have went south for the winter, but your timing system appears to keep trucking alone. When looking at the tables there are a lot of small negatives, but the gains outweight the negatives, even though we are in a bear market and are currently going nowhere. So it looks like you have found something that works. Your system isn't perfect by any means, but overall if a person just sticks to it, they'll eventually do well for the long haul. Isn't that what we all want? I know it is discouraging to take those smaller negatives, but hell I am used to that, I just want to hit those big gainers every now and then. Keep up the good work! regards,

  98. Just want to say thanks for creating an honest system. Your charts are interesting and your tables are easy to understand. I've been to a few other web sites like yours, but I do not trust their outlandish returns. There is no-one that good in today's market. Your system is not built to be a fast past, make quick money type of thing – a person has to have patience with your system and that is what I am looking for. You have an honest system that works. God Bless,

  99. I am a new member to your service and am very pleased with it. Keep up the good work! Sincerely,