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A few testimonials from Members of SMT's Premium Stocks!
some testimonials were edited only for proper grammar and brevity

    Hey, I have been using your site for a year now. I like to say I got alot of good tips. I have made gains on my investments and I owe it all to you guys. Thanks a alot. ... Michael

    That is so fabulous for adding the recent stock pick section on your Members Page that I do not have words for it. I thank you and many others are going to thank you for it. It is a very good enhancement, and it will serve the site well since these are GREAT recommendations that I've made money on, but I miss some of them. Now, as everyone knows all of them are not guaranteed, but that is why I use them as "pre-screened" candidates, and they work out well, when merged with the buy or sell signal that you have provided to subscribers. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK. Love your services. Ken

    Keep up the excellent work! You guys know a lot about technical analysis and charts in general. I don't see any other site out there that compares. Yearly fees are well worth the money, no doubt! Sincerely, ... George

    I was skeptical at first of your service, since your annual fee is much less than other professional stock picking sites, but it is sure worth the money! I'm glad I traded GNLB. Made 25% within 3 weeks on this one! Best regards. Samuel

    Dear Sir, I placed a limited order on one of your Wednesday's stocks. The annotated chart was written very clear and concise and I was convinced it had a good chance of doing well. Well believe it or not, but the stock reacted exactly how you thought it would trade. I'm looking forward to a long relationship with your service. Thanks, Carl

    Hi, Just wanted to congratulate you on your stock picks of last week. Made a combined 20% within a week on two of your picks. Please continue the good work! Fred

    Great call on GTEC!!! I'm very impressed. It shot from $0.13 to $0.52 within a month! I got in at $0.15 and sold at $0.45, and made 200% on this trade! Try to find more like this one! Have a superb weekend. Heather

    Dear Editor, Your service is exactly what I am looking for. I just recently signed up, and my portfolio went ballistic! Overall I am UP an impressive 15% within two weeks! You sure know your stuff about technical analysis. Cheers, Tom

    Thank you for your service. I shorted two of your picks and went long on another, and all three are in the money for me! This is great! Keep up the excellent work. I'm probably a member for life, because I do not see anything else out there that I trust. best regards, Marc

    Dear Sirs: Great service! I am making money with your latest stock picks! Never done that before with any other stock picking site! Your subscription fee is nothing compared to how much money I have already made. And your cost is much less than all these other stock picking sites. Superb job! Sincerely, ... Dave

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