Timing System

Our proprietary methodology combines our knowledge, experience and interpretation of technical analysis with a a brilliantly designed mechanical system which validates our interpretation. The mechanical system combines trend-following' and 'momentum' to identify tradable impulses. This method uses what we call 'reactive technical analysis'. Instead of trying to 100% forecast or predict the market's direction based on past market data as in interpretive technical analysis, reactive technical analysis is geared to reacting to the market's movements as soon as possible after they occur. Using the combination of these methods is why our performance results have been exceptional. On a yearly basis, about 20 trading signals (i.e., buy long, sell short, or hold cash) are generated for each ETF (DIA, SPY, and QQQ).

As a member you will receive:

Instant Access – to the Members Only page with the latest updates.

Latest Timing Signals Alert – is sent to you by e-mail and/or text when there are any changes in the status of a signal. We issue clear and concise trading signals. The alert will show the new signal status as either "buy long," "hold cash," or "sell short" for each ETF with precise entry and exit prices.

SMT’s Weekly Newsletter – is sent each Wednesday (after the close) via e-mail and uploaded to the Members Only page. The newsletter contains:

The Market Overview – includes technical chart analysis and fundamental concepts of the market, focusing on the S&P 500 Index, and our • short-term forecast • intermediate-term forecast • long-term forecast

Technical Analysis of the ETFs (DIA, SPY, and QQQ) – includes trend analysis, pattern recognition, Elliott wave analysis, Fibonacci retracement levels, key support and resistance levels, interpretation of the key technical indicators, market sentiment data, risk-to-reward probabilities, fundamental analysis, relationships to volatility indexes, volume analysis, and

Chart Updates – to published articles and to other interesting charts.