Subject: Latest Timing Signals

    Dear Members:

    New signals have been issued for the ETFs (DIA, SPY, and QQQ).

    Please go to our web site at
    and log into the Members Login to verify the status of signals.

    The Latest Timing Signals are as follows:

      DIA Buy Long @ $99.97 05/19/04
      SPY Buy Long @ $109.65 05/19/04
      QQQ Buy Long @ $34.73 05/19/04

    If you do not clearly understand the information in the table on
    the web site, please do not hesitate to contact us. A definition
    of each signal is provided below.

    Good luck & all the very best,, LLC

    P.S. ... Our primary goal is to help our members move their money forward!

    Definition of Signals:

    1.) Long -- "Buy Long" -- means place a trade to buy the stock.

    2.) Short -- "Sell Short" -- means you are borrowing stock from
    your broker (selling shares) and betting that the price of the
    security will decrease so that you can buy-to-cover at a lower
    price. If you do not wish to use margin as with short selling,
    you can simply remain in a cash position until the next buy
    signal is released.

    3.) Hold -- "Hold Cash" -- means maintain a 100% cash position.
    Therefore, you are to either: (1) buy-to-cover short positions
    and now hold 100% cash until a new signal is released, or
    (2) sell stocks after a long position and now hold 100% cash
    until a new signal is released.

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    The financial markets are risky. Investing is risky. Past
    performance does not guarantee future performance. The
    foregoing has been prepared solely for informational purposes
    and is not a solicitation, or an offer to buy or sell any security.
    Opinions are based on historical research and data believed
    reliable, but there is no guarantee that future results will be
    profitable. Updates specify a manner in which you could trade.
    Always, and that means on every trade, have a stop loss point
    identified. Whether you do it by percentage risk or chart points,
    we believe you should enter every trade knowing what your
    potential maximum loss might be. This is not an endorsement or
    recommendation to trade securities mentioned herein.

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