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As we all know the stock market isn't always bullish, it can turn bearish for quite some time, and the buy-and-hold days are over. We welcome all site visitors to read our long-term analysis of the Dow Jones Industrial Average on our DJIA Historical Charts page. This page explains the years when the buy-and-hold strategy worked well and when it didn't. We are quite convinced we will be in a bear market until the S&P 500 achieves a much lower PE multiple. Visit our table on Price-to-Earnings Multiples (PEs) Marking The End of Past Bear Markets. Another very interesting article we have published is a comparison of the 1929 - 32 DJIA Crash vs. 2000 - 01 Nasdaq Crash, dated 12/01/01. Here is a comment written by a site visitor, who decided to become a member:

You stated:
"A worst case scenario is that if the current Nasdaq bear market lasts as long as the 1929 crash, we will not reach the ultimate bottom until the first quarter of 2003."

Although the lowest close was in October 02', a retest occurred in the first quarter of 03'. I wish I had seen this piece 2 yrs ago. Overall, the analysis you did in Dec. 2001 was right on!
... Charles Dwight

Side Note: In our article of Feb. 02, 2003 " Nikkei 225, Dow Jones Crash of 1929, and the popular ETFs (DIA, SPY, and QQQ)", we discussed an interesting correlation between the Nikkei 225 index and the S&P 500 index. These are the types of interesting correlations we chart and include in our weekly newsletter on the members only page.

We could be entering the golden decade of the trader. Market timing will rule in this brave new world. The key to profits will lie in the ability to visualize the starting and ending points of major market swings. ... Alan Farley, TheStreet.com, 6/24/02

This is why we invented our system not only to help our members move their money forward during the secular bear market we are in, but to provide them with a financial site they can trust !

You will be Amazed at how well the System Works

Our system is the most non-stressful and profitable way to invest
in both bullish and bearish markets !!

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