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Books "In Association with Amazon.com"

In Association with Amazon.com Stock Market Trading Systems by Gerald Appel, et al
Mr. Appel, veteran trader, and the man responsible for making the MACD indicator popular, shares his systems knowledge in this text. It begins with a critique of various moving average systems (good for trending markets) with a constant attention to actual trading results in the real world. Excellent book on systems design.

In Association with Amazon.com New Market Timing Techniques: Innovative Studies in Market Rhythm & Price Exhaustion by Thomas R. DeMark
Mr. DeMark has developed technical systems and indicators for many of the most successful trading operations in the world. Now, in a sequel to his bestselling book, The New Science of Technical Analysis, he stakes out new territory while refining the most popular and precise of his indicators with exacting attention to real-time trading applications. In addition, he shares - for the first time anywhere - the complete details of a new indicator: TD Combo. Used in conjunction with his popular TD.

In Association with Amazon.com Streetsmart Guide to Timing the Stock Market: When to Buy, Sell and Sell Short by Colin Alexander
Mr. Alexander explains for all investors how basic technical tools -- well-known and popular in the futures market -- can show you how to make the most of stock market opportunities. Using key indicators from the futures market, leading futures trader and advisor, Mr. Alexander has developed an innovative decision-making system for determining which stocks to buy and how to recognize when those stocks are poised for an upward move.

In Association with Amazon.com Riding the Bull, Beating the Bear: Market Timing for the Long-Term Investor by Edward M. Yanis
Mr. Yanis offers a simple, straightforward market timing technique. Using his extensively researched and back-tested Y-Process method, Yanis shows investors how they can improve their portfolio performance-by doing one simple calculation every week. With a minimum of work, readers can benefit from a buy-and-hold, index oriented philosophy, and at the same time, preserve capital by getting out of the market before prolonged dips. For readers who don't want to get bogged down in complex investing strategies, this book provides a low-intensity, active management style that is easy to learn and even easier to implement.

In Association with Amazon.com Lasting Wealth Is a Matter of Timing by John K. Sosnowy, Richard J. Maturi
Mr. Sosnowy and Mr. Maturi have written a lucid and well-balanced book for the small investor about the benefits of market timing.

In Association with Amazon.com Investment Timing and the Business Cycle (Wiley Frontiers in Finance) by Jon Gregory Taylor
Until now, market timing as it applies to successful investment decision-making has been an elusive, at times vague instrument. This book provides a clear, relevant model for using the business cycle as a tool for timing investments. At last, here is a clear framework for assessing returns at different stages of the business cycle, and for determining the timing relevance as it relates to stocks, bonds, mutual funds, other specific investments and general asset allocation.

In Association with Amazon.com How to Retire Rich: Time-Tested Strategies to Beat the Market and Retire in Style by James P. O'Shaughnessy
Some investment books claim only one true path to stock-market riches. Fund manager James O'Shaughnessy has five, and he has the data to back them up. He was the first independent researcher to be granted full access to a Standard & Poor's database containing computerized information on almost 10,000 stocks going back to 1951. From the data, O'Shaughnessy derived five portfolio-building strategies that, over the past 45 years, have consistently beaten the market average. How to Retire Rich also contains a wealth of useful information on mutual funds, online trading, and using the Internet to research stocks.

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